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About Us

DYK BENJAMIN., globalizes the potential of New Era Leaders by presenting various opportunities in connecting industries. We specialize in credit repair, business/investment capital, partnerships and independent globalization. As a subscription based service clients (musicians, athletes, fashion designers and business partners) remain independent, but are presented opportunities to expand career backgrounds within Residential Real Estate, Garment Manufacturing, Music Showcases, Sports Promotion and event partnerships.



Our mission is to bridge the gap between connecting industries in order to create a community networking system of independent New Era Leaders, under one entity.


DYK BENJAMIN., provides its clients with the ability to globalize their potential within their respective careers, while obtaining knowledge and benefits with tie-in industries through our program.




Over the next few years, while growing our connection and network community, our company will expand its brand by developing personal business relationships around the United States. This collaboration will create an opportunity, for DYK BENJAMIN., and partners, to host annual events and showcases within toured cities. 

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